Tips to prolong the life of a smartphone

Given the increase in the price of the dollar, it is key to learn how to protect the phone and thus avoid having to buy another one.
Currently, smartphones represent much more than a tool to make or receive calls, since they are a resource that makes it possible to carry out work or academic tasks. In addition, they allow access to different entertainment platforms such as social networks, streaming services or online video games.

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However, to maximize the productivity of cell phones, proper care with these devices is key so that their users can keep them for a longer time.
For this reason, it is essential to take certain care with a phone, in order to ensure that its performance is not affected and therefore avoid the need to purchase a new device.
Faced with this situation, SEMANA consulted with experts who offered their recommendations to ensure that a smartphone works correctly despite the passage of time.

How to prolong the life of a phone?

Charge the cell phone correctly

Those of phones have a certain number of charging cycles and two factors affect their useful life: using the cell phone when it is charging and leaving the charge level below 20%.
Currently there are models that have fast charging technology, thanks to this factor a device can recover energy in a considerably short time, so it is appropriate to learn to charge the device at the correct time and ensure that it is connected until it reaches 100% charge.

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Avoid removing the SIM or Micro SD constantly
It is key to learn how to remove the SIM card correctly, thus preventing the phone from being exposed to external particles that can affect the performance of the internal components of the equipment.

Do not expose the equipment to high temperatures
High temperatures can affect the performance of the device, because they affect the performance of the processor, in addition, it considerably reduces the power load time on the equipment. Therefore, experts suggest preventing the cell phone from being exposed to direct sunlight or placed near heat sources.

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Avoid using pirated accessories

Imitations are usually made with low-quality materials that can put the safety of the smartphone or the user at risk. It is advisable to use original cables and chargers from the device manufacturer, this will prevent overheating in the battery, which is caused by irregular amperages.

Keep the operating system up to date
Usually, cell phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Realme or Xiaomi, constantly generate updates to the operating system on their different devices.
Keeping the phone updated will not help the device to function optimally , it will also grant access to new features that may be useful to the user. For this reason, it is essential to check if there is an update available for platforms such as MIUI, UI R Edition, One UI, which are based on Android and therefore have access to all Google services.

clean ports
This habit contributes to preventing the access of external particles to the charging ports and headphones of the equipment, which can affect the proper functioning when charging the device or using the headphones. The ideal is to clean it regularly, in order to eliminate all kinds of dirt that may affect the equipment.

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Manage storage
It is key to prevent the internal storage of the device from becoming saturated, it is recommended to avoid occupying more than 80% of the available capacity. This will help the phone work smoothly when running apps, making calls, or taking photos.

David Gutiérrez Bolívar, realme’s senior public relations manager for Colombia, Peru and Chile, told SEMANA that it is essential to learn to review and maintain equipment hardware and software. Therefore, it is also ideal to perform regular cleaning to remove all the junk files that are saved on the device.

Quickly repair your device

It is common for people to have accidents and this causes damage to the phone, a blow can affect the screen or an internal component of the equipment. So it is appropriate that the cell phone be taken to an authorized service center, to give the device proper maintenance.
It should be noted that there are brands that have specialized points where users can take the cell phone to be repaired by people trained in it. But there are also manufacturers that provide remote technical service, such as Samsung, which has a system that the user can use to diagnose the device through a chat or phone call.

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