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Tips to prolong the life of a smartphone

Given the increase in the price of the dollar, it is key to learn how to protect the phone and thus avoid having to buy another one.
Currently, smartphones represent much more than a tool to make or receive calls, since they are a resource that makes it possible to carry out work or academic tasks. In addition, they allow access to different entertainment platforms such as social networks, streaming services or online video games.

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However, to maximize the productivity of cell phones, proper care with these devices is key so that their users can keep them for a longer time.
For this reason, it is essential to take certain care with a phone, in order to ensure that its performance is not affected and therefore avoid the need to purchase a new device.
Faced with this situation, SEMANA consulted with experts who offered their recommendations to ensure that a smartphone works correctly despite the passage of time.

How to prolong the life of a phone?

Charge the cell phone correctly

Those of phones have a certain number of charging cycles and two factors affect their useful life: using the cell phone when it is charging and leaving the charge level below 20%.
Currently there are models that have fast charging technology, thanks to this factor a device can recover energy in a considerably short time, so it is appropriate to learn to charge the device at the correct time and ensure that it is connected until it reaches 100% charge.

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Avoid removing the SIM or Micro SD constantly
It is key to learn how to remove the SIM card correctly, thus preventing the phone from being exposed to external particles that can affect the performance of the internal components of the equipment.

Do not expose the equipment to high temperatures
High temperatures can affect the performance of the device, because they affect the performance of the processor, in addition, it considerably reduces the power load time on the equipment. Therefore, experts suggest preventing the cell phone from being exposed to direct sunlight or placed near heat sources.

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Avoid using pirated accessories

Imitations are usually made with low-quality materials that can put the safety of the smartphone or the user at risk. It is advisable to use original cables and chargers from the device manufacturer, this will prevent overheating in the battery, which is caused by irregular amperages.

Keep the operating system up to date
Usually, cell phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Realme or Xiaomi, constantly generate updates to the operating system on their different devices.
Keeping the phone updated will not help the device to function optimally , it will also grant access to new features that may be useful to the user. For this reason, it is essential to check if there is an update available for platforms such as MIUI, UI R Edition, One UI, which are based on Android and therefore have access to all Google services.

clean ports
This habit contributes to preventing the access of external particles to the charging ports and headphones of the equipment, which can affect the proper functioning when charging the device or using the headphones. The ideal is to clean it regularly, in order to eliminate all kinds of dirt that may affect the equipment.

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Manage storage
It is key to prevent the internal storage of the device from becoming saturated, it is recommended to avoid occupying more than 80% of the available capacity. This will help the phone work smoothly when running apps, making calls, or taking photos.

David Gutiérrez Bolívar, realme’s senior public relations manager for Colombia, Peru and Chile, told SEMANA that it is essential to learn to review and maintain equipment hardware and software. Therefore, it is also ideal to perform regular cleaning to remove all the junk files that are saved on the device.

Quickly repair your device

It is common for people to have accidents and this causes damage to the phone, a blow can affect the screen or an internal component of the equipment. So it is appropriate that the cell phone be taken to an authorized service center, to give the device proper maintenance.
It should be noted that there are brands that have specialized points where users can take the cell phone to be repaired by people trained in it. But there are also manufacturers that provide remote technical service, such as Samsung, which has a system that the user can use to diagnose the device through a chat or phone call.

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Samsung: How to prevent my Galaxy from overheating

Mobile Phone Repair DubaiSamsung: How to prevent my Galaxy from overheating

Smartphones have a set temperature range. Sometimes it increases and does not affect the performance of the battery, but at other times it can generate heat temporarily and thus decrease the useful life of the cell phone.

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Whether you use a phone, tablet, smartwatch, or headset, all Galaxy devices have a set temperature range where they work best. While they may feel hot under certain conditions, such as charging, this does not affect the device’s lifespan or performance. However, they can temporarily generate heat on several occasions. Find out how to take care of your smartphone.

Samsung: These are the factors that can affect the temperature

  • Use your devices outside of normal operating conditions, between 0°C to 35°C.
  • Placing your devices on or near a heat source, such as leaving them in a parked car on a hot day or having them continually exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Using multiple apps for an extended period of time or using processor-intensive apps for gaming, streaming, or GPS tracking.
  • Charge the device with a non-Samsung, incompatible, or defective charger or USB cable.
  • Initial configuration and transferring data from an older device
  • System or firmware updates.
  • You can get alert messages when your smartphone heats up. Please note that access to certain features/functions may be temporarily frozen as a measure to protect the device.
  • What to do if your Galaxy device generates heat while you’re using it
  • From Samsung they offer various solutions and tips to reduce the temperature of the smartphone:
  • When not in use, turn off Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. I also lowered the brightness of the device screen.
  • Optimizes your phone to minimize heat caused by processor-intensive apps that drain your battery.
  • Unused apps running in the background can heat up the device. To resolve this issue, try “Background Usage Limits”.
  • In addition, you should regularly check that your device has the latest app updates.

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How to handle a hot Galaxy mobile while it’s charging

Smartphones can generate heat because their slim designs are not optimized to vent heat or because of their excessive battery consumption. During charging, heat can be produced by both the gadget and the charger. The temperature may even be higher when charging with “super-fast chargers” or wireless chargers. If your device generates heat while charging, it does the following:

Disconnect the charger and close running applications. Wait for the device to cool down, then charge it again.

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If the problem persists, try charging it with another Samsung authorized charger and USB cable. It should be noted that the charging port can generate heat due to a damaged or incompatible charger cable.

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10 tips to prolong the life of your mobile battery – Part 1

To ensure long battery life, you should avoid extreme temperatures. Neither cold nor hot. Neither in winter nor in summer is it a good idea to leave your mobile in the car. In the summer season, you have to be especially careful. And it is very easy to forget your smartphone in the sun, on a towel or on a terrace table. In The BEEP Informática Blog we have prepared an in-depth article on the dangers of the sun and high temperatures for mobile phones and other mobility devices.

Avoid fast charging

Some smartphones facilitate fast charging. It is a technology that can be very useful when it is strictly necessary. However, this type of charging puts the battery under stress and contributes to its deterioration. In other words: normal charges are better for battery longevity.

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Neither 0% nor 100%

We advise against letting the battery drop to 0%, or charging it up to 100%.

A ‘vice’ inherited from the past

This is a bad practice inherited from a time long past, when rechargeable batteries had memory. If you didn’t fully charge and discharge them, the batteries would remember and see their capacity reduced. Therefore, it was best to leave the battery at zero. And recharge it until it reaches 100%.

Ideal load: between 45% and 75%

New batteries work differently. In fact, fully discharging and charging are harmful actions for the battery. In an ideal world, the goal is to keep the charge level between 65% and 75%.

However, no one is constantly aware of the load bar, so a more realistic ideal range is 45%-75%.

Is it still a difficult load spectrum to maintain in your day-to-day life? Well, you should know that it is also good to keep the battery between 20% and 90% capacity, a much more affordable range.

The manufacturer Samsung states that it is necessary to prevent the battery from falling below 20% capacity.

In order to always keep the battery in the mentioned ranges, it is good that you charge in sessions of a few minutes.

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We can say that an optimal level of load is 50%. Of course, be that as it may, avoid at all costs that the battery plummets to zero or rises to 100% charge.

At 5% once a month, to recalibrate

It is good to let the battery discharge almost completely, to a level of 5%, “to recalibrate”.

Charge the mobile to 50% if you are going to store it for a while

We have already said that the optimal level of charge is 50%. This percentage is a reference, a guide.

Well, that healthy percentage of charge is ideal if you are going to keep your mobile for an extended period of time. Therefore, you should charge it up to 50% before unplugging it and putting it away. Do not even think about turning it off when it is at 0% or 100%, before parking the device for a long time. If you do it like this, the battery would suffer.

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Use less battery to extend its useful life

So far, we have explained actions and routines that can help you extend the life of your battery. From now on, we will list tips with which to improve the use of the battery.

With that energy optimization, you reduce the number of charge cycles (the total discharge and charge of the battery) and, therefore, contribute to a longer battery life. And it is that, as we explained above, the more charging cycles, the more the battery deteriorates.

So, all those behaviors aimed at consuming the minimum battery necessary are positive for the longevity of the mobile. The key term is to optimize the use and consumption of the battery.

Watch videos and play in moderation

Along with applications (which we deal with at another point in this article), videos and video games are the two contents that consume the most energy. This is content that requires the screen to be in operation for long periods of time.

Reduce screen brightness

The mobile screen is the component that usually consumes the most battery. So if you lower the brightness of the screen, you will save energy. The use of auto brightness is a good option, although it is also true that this function will make the light sensor work more.

The ideal, although difficult to carry out, is to change the brightness of the screen every time the light conditions in which you find yourself change.

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Decrease screen timeout

If you have the screen on and stop using it, it will turn off after a short period of time, which is usually a minute or two. To save energy, you can reduce that waiting time.

Sometimes 30 seconds is more than enough. Now, think that if that time is very short, the screen can go black just when you are in the middle of an interesting newspaper article or checking the instructions of a recipe.

Rethink the use of ‘voracious’ Apps with the battery

If you use up battery power at a fast pace, you should review your social media habits. Are you hooked or hooked at all times to Facebook from your mobile? Applications like Facebook are very voracious. That is, they consume a lot of battery.

Clear or restrict Facebook permissions

The most drastic option is to delete Facebook. Another alternative is to restrict permissions (video autoplay, notifications, etc.) and reduce the use of the application.

You can access Facebook from your browser

You can access Facebook from your smartphone’s browser. The experience is very similar to what you have through the app. You can even receive notifications. For quick access, bookmark in your browser.

In some mobiles, these social networks come pre-installed. Therefore, they cannot be deleted, but they can be disabled.

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What other Apps make you waste battery?

Take a look at battery settings to find out which other apps use a disproportionate amount of power. When you have located them, delete them, disable them or restrict permissions.

Keep in mind that some applications have light versions, which generally take up less space, use less data and require less energy.

Alert with Apps with geopositioning

Apps that rely on GPS are especially battery intensive. Some apps, like Google Maps, actually need to know where you are in order to work well. But others, like Facebook, don’t need that information to deliver satisfactory performance.

The mission of achieving better energy use of mobile applications is not easy. The main reason is that those Apps that use the most battery are the ones you use the most. Therefore, you will not delete them, and you will hardly reduce their use. A good idea is to restrict permissions.

Buy the premium version of Apps you use often to get rid of ads

Many Apps have both free and paid versions. The free one is usually paid for with ads. And, as you can imagine, those ads that appear make you spend more data and more energy.

Therefore, if an App is essential for you, we advise you to get the premium version. In the long run, it will pay off. You will consume much less data and much less battery

On the other hand, you will benefit from a screen free of advertising and you will enjoy a version of the App with more features. In addition, you will contribute to the development of the Apps developer industry.

Does your mobile sync data too often?

Almost certainly you use email and applications of all kinds on your smartphone. We are talking about Apps that check for updates and are frequently synchronized.

These timings cause the battery to drain faster.

Therefore, review your sync settings in your Apps and in your email, so that only syncs are made at the rate you need.

Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS if you don’t need them

If you have them activated, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are regularly checking for a signal. And that search consumes energy.

For this reason, if you are not going to need any of these technologies, it is best to disable them.

So when you leave home, don’t forget to turn off WiFi. And do the same with Bluetooth when you don’t have to connect to any device.

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Put the ‘Battery saver’ mode

Most smartphones have a Battery Saver mode . This mode disables unnecessary actions. For example, the automatic check for the reception of new emails. It is a mode that we can set manually or automatically (when the phone’s battery drops below a preset level).

With Battery saver , the performance of the device gets worse. However, the battery lasts much longer.

Check the health of your battery

Newer versions of iOS will show you your battery health. In Android, that function is not available, but there are third-party Apps that allow you to do a battery check.

Always use the official charger

Make sure you use the charger that came in the box with your smartphone. And, if this charger wears out or breaks, go find a charger exactly like it. The official charger is a good first step in ensuring optimal charging practices.

Update device software

Check that you have carried out the latest available update of your device’s software.

Avoid places with poor signal

Do you have little signal? How many bars of signal does the screen tell you?

These are important questions, since your device uses more battery if you are for a long time in an area with poor coverage. The reason? Your mobile spends more energy communicating with your network operator.

Using data in areas with a low signal can drain your battery. We advise you to turn off data if you are running low on battery and don’t need internet access.

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Use WiFi whenever you can

When you have WiFi within your reach, use it. It not only saves data, but also consumes less battery than the connection offered by the operator for your mobile.

For this reason, do not forget to activate the WiFi when you are at home. And don’t be shy about asking for the password when you’re in a coffee shop or at a friend’s house.

Use the ‘Airplane Mode’

If the battery starts to get low, you should turn on Airplane Mode . With this mode, you disable WiFi and Bluetooth.

Now, you should know that if you want to activate either of these two technologies again, you can do it manually without leaving Airplane Mode .

Disable background updates

By default, apps are refreshed or updated in the background. You can choose to only do this when you are connected to a WiFi network. If anything, these updates can squeeze the battery.

To disable these updates, you can do it app by app. On iPhone models, you have to go to Settings and, once there, Background Updates. On Android, you must go to Settings and a section on data usage.

Prevent automatic updates of Apps

To improve the energy efficiency of your mobile, it can be key to prevent automatic updates of Apps.

To do this, on iPhones you must go to Settings, to [your name] and to iTunes and App Store. Once there, you can indicate that you do not want automatic downloads.

On Android, open Google Play. Pull down the side menu and select Settings. Within this submenu, you will see the option to disable automatic updates on Android.

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Turn off artificial intelligence assistants

If you have proposed to use less battery, we recommend you to leave the artificial intelligence assistant of your mobile out of play.

On many Android devices, you have the Google Assistant, which you can summon by saying “OK Google.” That means that the microphone of the mobile must be on to hear the magical words. It is an unnecessary waste of energy, especially if it is a function that you use very sporadically. You can disable it in Google settings.

On your iPhone go to Settings, select Siri and turn off Hey Siri.

Uncheck the ‘widgets’ you don’t use

The so-called widgets allow you to see at a glance the relevant information of the applications you use most. But you should keep in mind that they consume battery when updating. Therefore, it is a good idea to review which widgets we have active. If we use little any of them, uncheck it.

Slide the screen to the right, and the notification screen will appear. Find the Edit button and choose your widgets.

Disable visual effects

Animated backgrounds give your smartphone personality. However, at the same time they waste battery power. The recommendation is to switch to a static wallpaper.

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Turn off unnecessary sounds

The iPhone speaker drains battery. For this reason, we advise you to deactivate those sounds that are not crucial for the operation of the mobile. For example, keyboard clicks or the one that sounds when you lock the screen. These options can be disabled in Settings > Sounds.


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The entire iPhone battery information you need to know

Everything you need to know about iPhone batteries

The entire iPhone battery information you need to know

One could say that the battery in Apple iPhones is a bit of a mystery. Since it cannot be extracted like some of its rivals, you must have faith in its quality. When purchasing a refurbished iPhone, a strong battery is just as crucial as a beautiful design.

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Thankfully, you won’t be in the dark. In this article, we’ll respond to some of the most frequently asked questions about iPhone batteries, covering anything from how to evaluate good capacity levels to how an iPhone battery typically performs across various models.

 All of the recent and current Apple smartphone models are compatible with everything in this tutorial. Where appropriate, we have emphasized the battery performance of the various models. But generally speaking,

All of the recent and current Apple smartphone models are compatible with everything in this tutorial. Where appropriate, we have emphasised the battery performance of the various models. However, whether you want to purchase an iPhone 7 or iPhone 11, in general, this comprehensive reference to iPhone batteries will be helpful to you.

IPhone Repair Dubai

Interpreting iPhone Battery Capacity

Battery health is a new feature that Apple launched with the introduction of iOS 11.3 in 2018, and it can provide you with a lot of information about the size and functionality of your battery. Specifies, on a range of 0 to 100%, how long your iPhone’s battery should survive between charges.

Your smartphone battery’s maximum capacity declines over time. The capacity of a brand-new iPhone is normally 100%, however repeated charging cycles and possible damage (such exposing the phone to extremely high temperatures) lower capacity.

Peak performance also decreases when battery health deteriorates.

Iphone Battery Change Dubai

What percentage of an iPhone battery is deemed ideal?

Since your iPhone’s maximum capacity is 100%, you could assume that this is the only situation that qualifies as ideal. It’s not fully accurate, though. Any iPhone that has a battery capacity of 80% or higher is deemed to be in excellent condition by Apple.

Apple actually places such a high value on battery health that any battery with a capacity of 80% or more is covered by its 1-year warranty. It’s not unusual to see iPhones with batteries that are at least 95% charged after a year.

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The cause is a form of intrinsic safety: Apple makes its batteries with surplus capacity, which means that even when the battery health gauge reads 100%, it does not actually consume the full amount of working power. Your phone will still function at its best even when it is at 80%.

How to check your iPhone’s battery life

You can find the battery capacity in Settings > Battery > Battery Health on any iPhone running iOS 11.3 or later. It’s vital to remember that only iPhone 6 and later models support this feature.

Peak Performance Capacity is a significant secondary indicator that is also displayed on the Battery Health screen. This screen can be more significant than the capacity due to the aforementioned.

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You’ll notice a message stating that the battery is delivering typical peak performance if your battery is functioning optimally to support all applications. You will see a notification that your battery has degraded and has to be changed if it is worn out and needs to be replaced.

The time between charging cycles will be much shorter if you see the warning message, but your phone will still function. Only when the battery capacity is 79% or less does this warning show.

How to improve iPhone performance and battery life

Through the so-called “performance throttling” or “performance management,” which generated a lot of controversy a few years ago, Apple has attempted to increase the battery life of its mobile devices. To keep your iPhone functioning and preserve battery life, Performance Management slows down your phone’s performance on your behalf. You can manually turn it off, but doing so will cause your iPhone battery to drain quickly because the device will be operating practically to its maximum capacity.

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 Instead, adhere to Apple’s straightforward instructions for extending the battery life of your phone:

Get iOS updated to the most recent version. New battery-care features are added with every significant upgrade.

Try to keep the temperature of your phone between 16 and 22 oC on average. The lithium battery could be harmed by temperatures either lower or higher.

When charging, keep temperatures under control. Your phone may overheat on certain surfaces or with certain cases, which could harm the battery. While it is charging, check it to make sure it remains fresh.

Keep the battery on your phone at 50%. A complete discharge of the battery could result in a deep discharge and significant harm. The battery could have the same result after being fully charged.

enable automatic brightness. The maximum brightness option has a tendency to quickly deplete your battery, requiring quick charge cycles and resulting in diminished battery health.

Under Settings > General > Background refresh, look at background activities. Your battery will be depleted if numerous programmes are running in the background.

Performance of iPhone batteries based on various model types

Battery life and performance are definitely among the most important factors to take into account while researching used iPhones. You can consider elements like processor power or RAM memory, but how much information does that actually provide about the mobile device’s actual user experience?

Mobile Phone Wholesaler Dubai

Thankfully, there are additional signs as well. One is the Geebench Performance Benchmark, which harmonises all iOS devices so that performance may be directly compared. The outcomes are as follows, in order of best to worst performance:

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max – 1330
  • iPhone 11 – 1280
  • iPhone XS Max-1110
  • iPhone XR-1108
  • iPhone 8-922
  • iPhone 7-742
  • iPhone 6S-542
  • iPhone 6-308

Battery life is another important component when comparing iPhone models. AnandTech specialists examined the battery life of each iPhone model from recent years. They based their comparison on the amount of time a phone can take from a full charge while connected to a Wi-Fi network. The results are the following:

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max – 15.58 hours
  • iPhone 11 – 2:03 p.m.
  • iPhone XR – 12.95 hours
  • iPhone 8 Plus – 11.83 hours
  • iPhone XS Max – 10:31 a.m.
  • iPhone 7 – 9.22 hours

Performance and battery life often follow linear paths. Each new model typically includes additional features that conserve and lengthen battery life and is more powerful than the one before it.

As a result, newer models tend to have longer battery lives than earlier models and will be useable for longer, even if they are not operating at full capacity.

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Who has the longer lasting battery between refurbished and other phones?

You’ll eventually move past iPhones, logically. In such case, you might want to consider how the performance and battery life of Apple devices compare to those of the competition.

 Apple typically comes out on top when it comes to new phones. The iPhone models rate higher than their Android and Google equivalents from the same year in both the performance and battery life benchmarks mentioned above.

What about used mobile devices?

 It is wiser to believe iPhones in this situation than other refurbished phones. In general, iPhones hold their worth 15% better each year than even the greatest Android devices. This suggests that the battery lasts longer, performance doesn’t deteriorate as quickly, and the screen is less susceptible to damage.

In a nutshell, the iPhone typically prevails in the battery race. It not only has a strong beginning but also keeps its strength for a longer period of time.

For those seeking a refurbished smartphone, it is a decent option.

What can you anticipate from a Alidigital-refurbished iPhone?

Every refurbished iPhone sold by Alidigital is guaranteed to have a battery with at least 80% of its original capacity, ensuring that it will function and operate like a brand-new iPhone. The battery does not need to be changed in order to achieve the desired performance. Other iPhone dealers do not provide this assurance. If you’re unlucky, your battery might have a capacity of less than 80%, which would greatly affect its performance and remaining life. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to think about these factors.

Iphone Repair Dubai

Even a battery in pristine condition would not be as efficient as one on a newer model, especially on older models.

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